High pressure washer diesel or gasoline good

Most of the high-pressure cleaner equipment is fuel-assisted, according to the different fuel can be distinguished as diesel models and gasoline models, many people think that just different fuel will not affect the performance of the equipment, in fact, the two types of fuel equipment or there is a big difference, the following is a brief introduction for you.


1. the fuel volatility is different.

Diesel high-pressure dredging and cleaning machine is not easy to volatile, in the process of use is easy to produce exhaust emissions and odor, the situation of smoke. However, with the continuous progress of production technology many manufacturers of equipment in the process of operation rarely appear smoke, while producing less exhaust emissions.

Although the price of gasoline high-pressure dredge cleaning machine is relatively high, but this type of material is not volatile, more easily mixed with air. Generally when adding fuel to produce odor will be larger, but when the gasoline is fully burned, the smell is relatively smaller and gas emissions are small.


2. Different energy.

Gasoline is lighter in weight and smaller in composition than diesel. In the process of combustion, relatively speaking, diesel produces more carbon emissions, while only when diesel is fully burned, diesel has more energy. So diesel is suitable for providing energy for large high-pressure dredge cleaning machine. In the case of similar thermal efficiency, the use of diesel cleaning machine to be more fuel-efficient.

3. the degree of flammability is different.

Gasoline fuel molecules are small, so the ignition point is lower, gasoline high-pressure dredging and cleaning machine into the right air, compressed to the ideal ignition point can be used; and diesel high-pressure dredging and cleaning machine carbon emissions are higher, so in the process of combustion requires more air, not easy to be ignited.


4. the emission of exhaust gas is different.

Gasoline emissions after combustion is mainly carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide materials; diesel is easy to produce carbon smoke when burning, the main emissions are particulate matter and nitrogen oxides. So some industries with requirements for emissions should pay attention to this point when choosing.

In a word, different fuel high-pressure dredge cleaning machine in the use of performance there are relatively large differences, we should pay attention to make a distinction when choosing, especially for some emissions requirements of the more restrictive industries.

Post time: Aug-11-2022