High-pressure water gun cleaning machine equipment specific use method

Everyone in life should have encountered difficult to clean the stain, or due to the blockage of the pipe to affect our normal life, which is high-pressure water gun cleaning machine will be able to play its role, so how to operate this type of equipment? What are the specific operating steps?

1. Preparation: before starting the machine to check whether the screws, nuts and parts of the high-pressure water gun cleaning machine is loose; ensure that the bearings have added good oil, check whether the oil level of the equipment is appropriate to avoid too little oil or overflow affect the use of equipment.


2. The water inlet hose connection: the water inlet hose set in the pump body inlet connector, and then set the throat card, pay attention to tighten the screws on the throat card to ensure a solid connection without air leakage. The inlet pipe must be connected to a stable and sufficient water source to avoid the normal use of water due to insufficient water in the process; the inlet pipe should be installed with a filter to avoid damage to the high-pressure pump due to impurities inhalation.

3. Outlet pipe connection: connect the joint end of the high-pressure hose with the outlet connector of the equipment, and connect the other end of the outlet pipe with the threaded connector on the spray valve. Note that the high-pressure water pipe in the use of the process can not appear knotted, to ensure that the water pipe as far as possible to maintain an extended, straight state.


4. Power connection: determine the use of the place of power supply voltage and equipment power requirements to match the fixed power connection of the equipment should be operated by professionals, while the operation to meet the requirements of the use of equipment; when the need to use to extend the power cord, plugs and sockets to have waterproof performance, when connecting the socket, be sure to ensure that the equipment is in the off state.

5. Different nozzle selection: high-pressure water gun cleaning machine in use can be adjusted by replacing the nozzle to spray the water flow, short nozzle is generally a round hole bundle of water, the long rod is presented as a fan-shaped water flow. The round hole bundle of water nozzle can produce a bundle of powerful jets, can clean the appearance of serious dirt machinery and equipment; fan-shaped water nozzle scattering angle is large, the impact on the cleaning object is small, more suitable for cleaning the appearance of large areas of dirt.


6. The operation of the equipment: check whether the connection of the inlet and outlet pipes are reliable, the power socket is connected properly, you can turn on the power. Check that everything is normal after buckling the handle of the spray bar, wait until the air in the equipment is clean, there will be high-pressure water spray; in operation, when the air is discharged slowly, you need to remove the water high-pressure tube, wait for the water to be sprayed out of the water connector no gas shutdown, and then reconnect the high-pressure tube, start using.

Post time: Aug-11-2022