How to adjust the pressure size of the pressure washer

Pressure washer equipment in the cleaning of different stains, due to different cleaning materials and difficulties, need to adjust the appropriate pressure to achieve better results. But some users do not know how to adjust the pressure when operating the equipment. The following is a brief introduction for everyone.

1. High-pressure cleaner: the equipment regulator generally clockwise direction to reduce pressure, counterclockwise direction to increase the water pressure. Different manufacturers of equipment regulator position and adjustment method there are certain differences, we have to carefully read the relevant instructions for the use of equipment when operating. In addition, the regulator should be on and out of the water when adjusting, otherwise it is difficult to adjust to the appropriate pressure size.


2. Pump machine: general water pressure table below the adjustment nut, positioned at the bottom of the water pump inlet pipe seat, there is a thick spring-supported nut, you need to use an open-end wrench or an active wrench, clockwise to reduce the pressure, counterclockwise to increase the pressure.

3. Car wash machine: there are many types of car wash machine equipment, different methods of operation of different equipment. Tunnel car wash equipment in the operation of the general equipment does not move, the car in the machine dragging, slowly through the work area, in accordance with the corresponding instruction program to achieve the cleaning effect; reciprocating car wash is to keep the vehicle does not move, the equipment in accordance with a certain program in the rail reciprocating movement, while the implementation of the car wash instructions work mode.


We need to pay attention to the use of high-pressure washing machine equipment, not the higher the pressure adjustment, the better the cleaning effect of the equipment. And the higher the pressure adjustment when using the equipment, the higher the requirements for the performance of the components and the sealing of the device, the cost of using the equipment will also rise. So we have to use according to the type of cleaning to adjust the pressure appropriately.

The above is about the high-pressure cleaning machine equipment pressure adjustment, different equipment in the adjustment of the way there are certain differences, we need to find special operators to understand or check the relevant instructions for the use of equipment before operating the equipment, to avoid improper operation affects the use of equipment.

Post time: Aug-11-2022