How to easily solve the common failures of high-pressure cleaning machine

High-pressure cleaning machine equipment is very important industrial cleaning equipment, the use of a wide range of sanitation, pipeline and industrial cleaning will be used to, but high-pressure cleaning machine in the long use of the process will inevitably have some failures, these common failures to solve it?


Fault one, the water pressure is not enough

High-pressure cleaner water supply pipe leakage: find the leak point to re-enforce or replace the water supply pipe; insufficient water supply from the tap, the inlet pipe is sucked flat: the use of large water containers for water supply; high-pressure cleaner water inlet filter blockage: replace the water inlet filter or solve the filter blockage.

Fault two, the water pressure is not enough, and the inlet low pressure pipe jittering serious

high-pressure cleaner inlet pipe check valve is damaged or aging: with the replacement of the water inlet check valve; high-pressure cleaner regulator thimble damage: with the replacement of the regulator thimble.


Fault three, the water pressure is not enough, and the regulator makes a "da da" noise

high-pressure cleaner nozzle blockage: unclog the nozzle, unclog the high-pressure pipeline; regulator internal pressure-bearing spring fracture / aging: replace the regulator pressure-bearing spring.

Fault four, safety valve leakage

pressure exceeds the pressure range of the equipment, nozzle blockage: check the pressure of the pressure gauge, unclog the nozzle; safety valve internal pressure-bearing spring broken / aging: replace the safety valve pressure-bearing spring; high-pressure cleaner safety valve ejector damaged: replace the safety valve ejector.

Fault five, the whole machine is not energized

high-pressure cleaner emergency stop switch is not turned on: clockwise screw emergency stop switch; high-pressure cleaner power key damage: replace the key switch; leakage protection switch pop-up: reset the leakage protection switch, check whether the short circuit, replace the fuse; high-pressure cleaner fuse explosion: replace the fuse; poor socket wiring contact: plug tight socket;


Fault six, the motor does not start

water pressure switch damage / stuck: repair / reset the water pressure switch; high-pressure cleaner soft starter damage: replace / reset the soft start; high-pressure cleaner motor contactor damage: replace the contactor.

Fault seven, equipment frequently start or non-stop shutdown

High-pressure gun or high-pressure water pipe leakage: replace the high-pressure gun or high-pressure water pipe; pressure switch is damaged or delay relay damage: replace the pressure switch or delay relay; regulator front section of the water out of the check valve stuck or regulator damage: clean the water out of the check valve or replace the regulator. Power supply, terminal block or socket poor contact: press the socket; high-pressure cleaner pressure inside the gun is not completely released: hold the water gun trigger, release the pressure in the pump.

High-pressure cleaning machine equipment in the long use process encountered more problems is the pressure is not enough, the safety valve leakage and the whole machine is not energized and other problems, in fact, these problems are not difficult to solve, as long as we have enough understanding of the equipment can be a good solution to such problems.

Post time: Aug-11-2022